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How to lose a custody case before it starts

Child Custody Illinois

I am taking a different approach to this post because some people benefit more from hearing what they shouldn’t do than what they should do.  I tell almost all my clients that custody cases are won or lost at the beginning of the case.  Critical mistakes made at the beginning of the case or before […]

Taking Care of your Mental Health Key to a Successful and Quicker Divorce

Mental Health and Divorce

Divorce cases are fairly easy.  I can figure out how to solve most of them in a few minutes after receiving all the relevant information I need from the parties.  However, it is no surprise to anyone that many divorces take a long time, sometimes several years.  A major reason for these long divorces is […]

My spouse filed a motion in court. So what?

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This is my first blog post in what I hope to be many more dedicated to marriage and divorce law.  As a full-time divorce attorney who does litigation, I receive many petitions and motions (also referred to as pleadings) in the mail and via fax from opposing parties and counsel.  The most common pleadings I […]