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Collaborative Divorce and Co-Parenting in Chicago, Illinois

Dvorce in Illinois, Chicago

If you’re a parent contemplating divorce in Illinois or Chicago, you have a special motivation to consider a collaborative approach. Changes in family structure and living situation can be hard on children. A collaborative divorce can help set the tone for the co-parenting relationship that you and your former spouse will need to create. Any […]

No common law divorce in Illinois. Don’t wait years to get divorced

No common law divorce in Illinois

I hear a lot of people use the term “legally separated” incorrectly. When it is said, they are usually trying to state that they are living separate and apart from their spouse and don’t consider themselves with that person anymore. They usually are living separate lives both emotionally and financially. Some of them never get […]

Property Division not Always 50/50

Property Division Illinois

Most people associate divorce with dividing property equally (50/50).  It is true that many cases do end up to a be a 50/50 division.  I believe that is the case because it is just the easist way to do it.   Here is an example:  A couple is married for 50 years.  One spouse (Spouse A) […]