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Collaborative Divorce

This method uses specially trained lawyers to help the parties reach an out-of court agreement with privacy and respect.

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The Law Offices of Patrick Markey, P.C. is dedicated solely to the practice of family law and nothing else. Services are always tailored to our clients' unique needs. Children of our clients are our paramount concern and we resolve issues of child custody, visitation and paternity with skill and compassion. We help clients solve complex financial matters, including the division of assets, business valuations, asset and income tracing, and more. Strong premarital, postnuptial, and settlement agreements are drafted to safeguard the client's rights and insulate them from future litigation.



Collaborative Divorce in Illinois

A collaborative divorce is another approach to terminating a marriage. Unlike a contested divorce, both parties are willing to work with each other and agree to move forward without going to court. A collaborative divorce tends to be more civil and less complicated than the traditional contested divorce procedure.

In the collaborative divorce both spouses commit to:
• A binding written pledge not to go to court
• A full and honest exchange of financial information
• A solutions-based approach
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