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The Law Offices of Patrick Markey, P.C. is dedicated solely to the practice of family law and nothing else. Services are always tailored to our clients’ unique needs. Children of our clients are our paramount concern and we resolve issues of child custody, visitation and paternity with skill and compassion. We help clients solve complex financial matters, including the division of assets, business valuations, asset and income tracing, and more. Strong premarital, postnuptial, and settlement agreements are drafted to safeguard the client’s rights and insulate them from future litigation.

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Reviews & Endorsements by Clients

Excellent lawyer and counselor

August 13, 2017

Patrick did a splendid job with my divorce. He is extremely professional, level-headed and focused on a fair and expeditious result. His legal fees, compared to those of the lawyer my wife hired, were fair and reasonable. Patrick and I established a plan and he executed that plan flawlessly. Most importantly, he had to deal with an unpredictable and over-billing opposing counsel and he dis so with grace and professionalism

– Henry

A five star for sure!

January 31, 2016

Patrick took over my case in the middle. From the point he took over, I’ve not had to worry about anything. Devoted and sincere to his cases and clients. He stood by me as a lawyer and a guide( mentor). His team is equally friendly and devoted. I would strongly recommend him. Battling divorce and my rights away from family and new to the country wasn’t easy, but Patrick stood with me all the way and did the best to ensure that I was made aware of my rights and not exploited. Highly recommended.

– Sobia

Top Notch Attorney

February 18, 2016

Patrick handled my complicated international removal case very well. As a fellow attorney, my expectations were very high. However, Patrick and his team definitely met the mark. From his co-counsel Gabriela, to his administrative team, I received excellent support throughout my case. He is one of the most responsive attorneys I’ve ever worked with and always kept me in the know regarding my case. He was very pragmatic while being a strong advocate on my behalf at the same time. I don’t think we could have selected a better attorney to represent us in this matter and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking counsel for a family law/divorce related matter. Patrick is an attorney that you can trust to get the job done and get it done well!

– Maya K.

My divorce

August 19, 2015

I am very happy to have hired mr. Markey to represent me in my divorce. Everything was handled very professionally and smoothly. Divorce settlement was signed much faster then i even expected. I would definately recommend mr. Markey to anyone that is about to go through a divorce.

– Soo

Great divorce Attorney

December 19, 2016

During my divorce, I was exposed to four sets of attorneys on both sides of the case. Patrick Markey was by far the most competent, most alert, and most knowledgeable on all aspects of the case and the law. He steered through the final stages of the divorce with a steady hand, always knowing how to react and when. If you are unfortunate enough to experience an inevitable divorce, then I would highly recommend Patrick Markey as your counsel.

– Max

Efficient, professional and caring

November 10, 2015

Patrick handled every aspect of my divorce calmly and effectively. He explained everything clearly and clarified all my options. When necessary, he went the extra mile to look after my best interests. Patrick’s staff was also always helpful, efficient, and pleasant to work with.

– LM

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