Collaborative Divorce in Illinois

This method uses specially trained lawyers and oftentimes other professionals such as child and financial specialists to help the parties reach an out-of-court agreement with privacy and respect. In the collaborative divorce both spouses commit to:
• A binding written pledge not to go to court
• A full and honest exchange of financial information
• A solutions-based approach that addresses the issues of both spouses and their children

The goal is to jointly settle the case and prevent an expensive and emotional court battle. There is also a focus on the children and for them to be a priority rather than a casualty. The collaborative approach provides face-to-face meetings with you, your spouse, your lawyers and any other professional that the group chooses to bring in to assist in reaching an agreement. You and your spouse are in control of the case instead of an unfamiliar judge. This method promotes open communication and uses a problem-solving approach to create agreements more likely to be adhered to by both spouses.

To speak with an attorney concentrating in collaborative divorce, please contact the Law Offices of Patrick Markey, P.C., based in Chicago, Illinois.

Please watch our quick video explaining the Collaborative Divorce Process and How it Works.