Firm Overview

Law Offices of Patrick Markey, P.C.

Located in Chicago, Illinois, the firm focuses exclusively on Illinois Divorce and Illinois Child Custody and Support, the firm’s philosophy is to work with you to resolve your legal matter in the best way possible. When you consult with one of our attorneys we will give you expert legal advice and help you to understand your rights and options according to Illinois law. We know the family laws in Illinois and have a wealth of experience that will help ensure the resolution your looking for. We handle each case in the most effective and cost efficient way possible. If you want to learn about your rights and option in your family law matter please call us today to schedule a private consultation in our Chicago office. Call us at (312) 223-1763 or send us an email at .

Sensitivity during a Difficult Time

At the Law Offices of Patrick Markey, P.C., our first priority is to listen to our clients. Family law issues like divorce often present the most emotionally wrenching experience that people are forced to confront in their lifetime. It is also very likely that it will be the only time they will come face-to-face with our legal system. The mixture of emotion and litigation can be devastating for both the individual and their family. Under such difficult circumstances, an effective family law attorney must not only be skilled in attaching complex legal issues, but also must be sensitive to the client’s vulnerable emotional state.

Tailored Legal Approach

Our goal is to lead our clients as painlessly as possible through a very difficult time in their lives while fighting for their rights in court or in obtaining an equitable settlement. Only after learning our clients’ needs and concerns do we present viable and practical legal solutions while carefully explaining the potential risks and benefits of alternative courses of action. We also take care to prepare our clients for the substantive and procedural hurdles that lie ahead. During the entire process, we strive to keep our clients fully informed and involved, while providing aggressive and determined representation.