I strongly recommend Patrick to anybody seeking legal help

I strongly recommend Patrick to anybody seeking legal help. I narrate my experience hoping that it would be of help to others who are in need of the best legal guidance and service. In need of help with the legal process for divorce, I turned to internet in search of an attorney. My first attorney was of no help, charging me while making no progress on the case and never caring to answer my calls or reply emails. I was in such despair that with no reference, going by a random pick from my search on internet, I chose to meet Patrick. From my first meeting itself I felt confident of being represented by the best attorney. Patrick is very professional in conduct, easily approachable, promptly responsive, highly efficient and extremely competent. I really appreciate his patience and willingness to explain legal jargon in layman's terms. He finished my case earlier than the estimated time for which I am very grateful. I cannot thank Patrick enough… I consider myself quite fortunate for the chanced pick when I needed someone with legal services. With Patrick you can be assured of the best of legal services while in the meetings he brings the warmth of a good friend.

— Sri N.