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Divorce Can Be a Trying Experience, Let Us Help
Divorce Law | Chicago | Illinois

At the Law Offices of Patrick Markey, P.C., we strive to help our clients successfully navigate all facets of the legal separation and divorce process in Illinois, including property division and maintenance payments. Divorce can be a trying experience, let us help. Watch this video about guiding you through the process of divorce. > Click to watch the video.

Tips on Looking For a Good Family Law Attorney
Looking For a Family Law Attorney in Chicago

Patrick Markey offers some helpful solutions and tips in this video on finding the right family law attorney for your specific needs. > Click to watch the video

– A good attorney should always make you feel comfortable
– Pick an attorney who specializes in Family Law in the state of Illinois
– The attorney should explain to you there are different methods for a divorce
– Couples have different options when it comes to divorce