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Illinois Has New Child Support Laws as of July 1, 2017

Child Support Laws

The percentage guidelines (20%, 28%, 32%, etc.) are gone. If you are setting child support after July 1, 2017, the court will apply what is called the “Income Shares” Model. A version of the Income Shares model is used in 39 other states so Illinois is now joining the majority of the country in how […]

College Expenses for Children of Divorce and Separated Parents

Children of Divorce Illinois

Child support does not always end when a child reaches 18 years of age or graduates from high school. Most Illinois family courts will order one or both parents to contribute to children’s college expenses based on their ability to pay and some other factors. Lawyers and courts refer to these proceedings as “Section 513 […]

Avoiding Teen Trauma During a Divorce Primary tabs

Child Specialist Divorce

Chicago, Illinois Divorce  – Anyone who lives with teenagers knows that as moody and disorganized as they can be, they are also capable of moments of astonishing maturity. Paradoxical though it sounds, this can put them at a particular risk of damage in a family experiencing a divorce. A Child Specialist from Illinois is often a part […]

You can now search for unclaimed child support in Cook County

Child Support Divorce

The Cook County Clerk’s office is holding 6 million dollars in unclaimed child support.  It appears fairly easy to find out of you have any unclaimed child support.  Can’t hurt to just put your name in if you ever received child support. Unclaimed Child Support Check Search: click here

Money withdrawn from savings accounts can constitute “net income” for determining child support

Money withdrawn from Divorce

Child support is not just about what your “earn” it is also about your “lifestyle.” What you earn and report as income to the IRS is still very relevant to calculating child support. If you have no income, the court may not order any child support or could order a nominal amount such as $20 […]

How to lose a custody case before it starts

Child Custody Illinois

I am taking a different approach to this post because some people benefit more from hearing what they shouldn’t do than what they should do.  I tell almost all my clients that custody cases are won or lost at the beginning of the case.  Critical mistakes made at the beginning of the case or before […]