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Divorce When a Special Needs Child is Involved

Divorce with Special Needs Children

There are unique considerations and decisions that come with divorcing parents of a special needs child should be carefully examined. There is no standard solution for parents with a special needs child because each situation is different and requires customized solutions. Here are some of the key decisions that may need to be addressed. Child […]

Advantages of Co-Parenting Apps During and After Divorce

  Co-parenting during and after a divorce can be an enormous challenge, but modern technology has brought forth a solution: co-parenting apps. These apps, such as Our Family Wizard and Talking Parents, offer a plethora of advantages to make the co-parenting journey smoother and more organized for you and your co-parent (The other parent of […]

What is “Joint Custody” in Illinois

Joint custody

In divorce and child custody matters, the term “joint custody” has undergone a transformation in Illinois, where it is now referred to as “parental responsibility.” How does parental responsibility impact divorced parents and their children? Parental responsibility in Illinois consists of two primary components: decision-making and parenting time. Decision-making involves crucial aspects such as health, […]

How Can Alcohol, Marijuana, and Other Drugs Affect an Illinois Divorce?

Woman Drinking Wine - Law Offices of Patrick Markey Chicago

If you are considering a divorce in Illinois, you’ll also want to think about how the use of marijuana, alcohol, drugs, and other substances could impact your separation. How the Law Views Marijuana, Drugs, and Drinking Though it’s not legal on the federal level, marijuana is can be purchased and consumed in Illinois. However, you […]

What is Co-Parenting After A Divorce?

Co-Parenting Father with Daughter

When parents’ divorce, a major concern is how to best provide for the interests of the children. Good co-parenting with your ex-spouse can be extremely effective, and help you and your children mentally, emotionally, and financially. Co-parenting fills the gap of how to best provide for your kids.  Here are a few common questions and […]

How to lose a custody case before it starts

Child Custody Illinois

I am taking a different approach to this post because some people benefit more from hearing what they shouldn’t do than what they should do.  I tell almost all my clients that custody cases are won or lost at the beginning of the case.  Critical mistakes made at the beginning of the case or before […]