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Common Misconceptions of Collaborative Divorce

Woman Discussing Divorce Options With Attorney

Many people, including divorcing couples and some attorneys, have misconceptions about how the process of collaborative divorce works in Illinois. They confuse it for an uncontested case, which is where the parties agree to all the issues before the case starts. If you are considering divorce or are in the process of it, we encourage […]

How to Communicate with a Spouse During a Divorce

couple facing difficulty communicating

Communicating with your spouse during the divorce process is often difficult. Communication while you were married was likely a big problem, and now you have to make decisions and communicate with each other especially if you have children. We have some suggestions that may make it easier. Treat Communication Like a Business Transaction If you […]

Fear and Divorce – What You Should Know

In my experience, there are several common fears that most divorce clients have as they enter a process that will dramatically change their lives.  Those fears start with: What are their post-divorce finances going to look like? Are they going to be able to afford the same lifestyle they had before? Are they going to […]

Cook County Divorce Court is Open and Operating via Zoom during COVID-19

You can get divorced right now Chicago, Illinois without going to court.  This may surprise many people but the Cook County, DuPage and surrounding county divorce courts are open and operating remotely.  For uncontested divorces, it may even be possible to get divorced quicker than was possible before COVID-19 took place.  Divorce and parentage cases […]

Collaborative Divorce and Co-Parenting

Dvorce in Illinois, Chicago

<h3>Collaborative Divorce and Co-Parenting in Chicago, Illinois</h3> If you’re a parent contemplating divorce in Illinois or Chicago, you have a special motivation to consider a collaborative approach. Changes in family structure and living situation can be hard on children. A collaborative divorce can help set the tone for the co-parenting relationship that you and your […]

Avoiding Divorce Delays the Collaborative Way

Avoiding Divorce in Illinois

We’ve all heard stories about divorces in where one of the partners creates delay after expensive delay. Weeks can go by between court appearances where the decisions that will keep the process moving might or might not get made. And while a mediated divorce has the potential to be more efficient, someone who wants to […]