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How To Have a Positive Co-Parenting Experience For Your Kids


Co-parenting is an important part of how you handle your divorce and more importantly how you will handle your post-divorce life. A good working co-parenting relationship is crucial for the well-being of your children. The starting point for co-parenting is to focus on effective communication, prioritizing the children’s needs, and maintaining a cooperative attitude. Importance […]

Divorce When a Special Needs Child is Involved

Divorce with Special Needs Children

There are unique considerations and decisions that come with divorcing parents of a special needs child should be carefully examined. There is no standard solution for parents with a special needs child because each situation is different and requires customized solutions. Here are some of the key decisions that may need to be addressed. Child […]

Why I am Participating in Divorce with Respect Week

Participating in Divorce with Respect Week holds profound significance for me, rooted in my strong belief in the power of collaborative methods and mediation. Over the years, I’ve come to understand that the essence of a respectful divorce lies in resolving conflicts outside the courtroom—a task demanding considerable effort, energy, and professional skill. My journey […]

Should You Move Out During a Divorce? Consider Your Options Carefully

Divorce and moving

When a marriage reaches the point of divorce, it often raises questions and concerns. One of the common dilemmas that individuals face is whether they should move out of the house or continue living together during the divorce process. Here are some valuable tips on this topic: Don’t move out until you have a plan. […]

7 Tips For Selecting The Right Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Divorce Attorney

When seeking legal guidance for your divorce, opting for a Collaborative Divorce can make the process smoother and less adversarial. Collaborative Divorce involves you and your spouse and your attorneys working together to find amicable solutions, rather than engaging in a protracted courtroom battle. If you’re considering this approach, here are some valuable tips on […]

Is Raising Children In A Bad Marriage Worse Than Getting A Divorce?

Bad Marriage and Kids

This is a question that often arises when couples find themselves in a tumultuous relationship but are unsure about how that is impacting their children. When children are exposed to high levels of conflict and hostility between their parents there is a higher risk that they will be faced with problems later in life. These […]

What To Expect In Mediation

What to Expect in Mediation

If you are planning a divorce, but hope to divorce as amicably as possible, consider using mediation instead of traditional litigation. In litigation, you, and your spouse each have your own attorneys and each of you tries to be the “winner.” When it is over and the divorce is final, both spouses often feel beaten […]

How to Divorce With Respect

Divorce with Respect Week

First Understand your Divorce Options? Traditional Litigation. Most people have never even heard the term “Collaborative Divorce.” Instead, when they think of divorce, they think of the traditional litigation process which pits the spouses against each other, with each spouse striving to be the “winner” of the court battle. The couple rarely meets to try […]

Divorce: Should You Wait Until The Kids Are Grown?

Telling Kids about divorce

There are differing views on whether a couple who want to get a divorce should wait until their children are grown and have moved out of the house before they actually file for divorce and moving apart. There are pros and cons to both opinions. Pros of Waiting Until the Kids are Grown to Divorce […]

Why Should I Have a Lawyer in my Divorce?

Seeking Advice from Divorce Lawyer

No one gets married with the expectation that someday they will be divorced, but couples get divorced every year in Illinois. If it happens that you and your spouse decide to go this route, do yourselves a favor and find family law attorneys who focus their practice on family law issues. There are many attorneys […]