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What is Co-Parenting After A Divorce?

Co-Parenting Father with Daughter

When parents’ divorce, a major concern is how to best provide for the interests of the children. Good co-parenting with your ex-spouse can be extremely effective, and help you and your children mentally, emotionally, and financially. Co-parenting fills the gap of how to best provide for your kids.  Here are a few common questions and […]

How Does Child Support Work?  

Child support telling the kids

 Child Support can seem complex and overwhelming. When a couple divorces one aspect of the divorce is an understanding that all parents are expected to support their children emotionally and financially. The financial component means more than just paying for diapers and formula, but for a lifestyle for the children. All expenses are considered, including […]

College Expenses for Children of Divorce and Separated Parents

Children of Divorce Illinois

Child support does not always end when a child reaches 18 years of age or graduates from high school. Most Illinois family courts will order one or both parents to contribute to children’s college expenses based on their ability to pay and some other factors. Lawyers and courts refer to these proceedings as “Section 513 […]

Avoiding Teen Trauma During a Divorce

Child Specialist Divorce

Chicago, Illinois Divorce  – Anyone who lives with teenagers knows that as moody and disorganized as they can be, they are also capable of moments of astonishing maturity. Paradoxical though it sounds, this can put them at a particular risk of damage in a family experiencing a divorce. A Child Specialist from Illinois is often a part […]

How to lose a custody case before it starts

Child Custody Illinois

I am taking a different approach to this post because some people benefit more from hearing what they shouldn’t do than what they should do.  I tell almost all my clients that custody cases are won or lost at the beginning of the case.  Critical mistakes made at the beginning of the case or before […]