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Major changes may be coming to Illinois Family Law

A committee was established pursuant to a House resolution back by Speaker Michael Madigan rewrite the entire divorce act taking into account all the changes that have happened since it was enacted in 1977. Here are a few of the hundreds of proposed amendments to the marriage and divorce statutes: 1) No more grounds for […]

College Expenses for Children of Divorce and Separated Parents

Children of Divorce Illinois

Child support does not always end when a child reaches 18 years of age or graduates from high school. Most Illinois family courts will order one or both parents to contribute to children’s college expenses based on their ability to pay and some other factors. Lawyers and courts refer to these proceedings as “Section 513 […]

Avoiding Divorce Delays the Collaborative Way

Avoiding Divorce in Illinois

We’ve all heard stories about divorces in where one of the partners creates delay after expensive delay. Weeks can go by between court appearances where the decisions that will keep the process moving might or might not get made. And while a mediated divorce has the potential to be more efficient, someone who wants to […]

No common law divorce in Illinois. Don’t wait years to get divorced

No common law divorce in Illinois

I hear a lot of people use the term “legally separated” incorrectly. When it is said, they are usually trying to state that they are living separate and apart from their spouse and don’t consider themselves with that person anymore. They usually are living separate lives both emotionally and financially. Some of them never get […]

Financial Mistakes during Divorce

Financial Mistakes in Divoce

Divorce can be very financially bad for a family.  Two separate households increases the family’s bills substantially.  Double the utilities and housing payment.   That alone can break a family. Unfortunately, many families that are getting divorced had financial problems during their marriage which help lead to the divorce.  One or both spouses spent irresponsibility or […]

Reducing the cost of divorce

cost of divorce

Divorce is almost always a painful experience. But you can limit the pain to your finances if you use your lawyer more effectively. All cases are different and some of the suggestions in this guide may not be appropriate for your case. But for most, these suggestions will steer you away from the pitfalls that […]

Illinois Civil Unions as marriage “lite”

civil unions in Illinois

Civil unions are set to begin in Illinois starting July 1, 2011.  Civil Unions are not just for same-sex couples, but open to all couples not related by blood.  A civil union will be very similar to marriage from a dissolution stand point.  The process for dissolving a civil union is very similar to dissolving […]

A good holiday visitation schedule can go a long way

visitation schedule divorce

Most individuals negotiating visitation or parenting agreements with their ex-partner neglect holiday and vacation parenting time.  Their main focus is on the regular day to day, week to week parenting time.  They are trying to obtain the most equal parenting schedule they can or are striving for a 50/50 schedule.  They argue and debate the […]

Should we make it harder to marry?

getting divorced Illinois

Everyone knows it can be very difficult and expensive to get divorced even if you have been married a short time.  Would some of these individuals not be getting divorced (or not have married) if they would have received pre-marital legal counseling or premarital legal counseling?  Premarital counseling would discuss sharing finances, financial goals, dispute […]

Taking Care of your Mental Health Key to a Successful and Quicker Divorce

Mental Health and Divorce

Divorce cases are fairly easy.  I can figure out how to solve most of them in a few minutes after receiving all the relevant information I need from the parties.  However, it is no surprise to anyone that many divorces take a long time, sometimes several years.  A major reason for these long divorces is […]