Divorcing with Dignity, Respect, and Privacy

Divorcing with Dignity

Ending a relationship is not easy. Even when divorce is amicable you may still mourn for what could have been. When there is conflict, it helps to know that your life will be better after the divorce is final. One way to make the process easier on both sides is to work with Collaborative Divorce attorneys and professionals to help you and your partner divorce with dignity, respect, and in a private setting.

Collaborative Divorce is Respectful

A respectful divorce is one in which everybody’s opinion matters. Opinions are heard to know the needs and interests of all parties. All of the needs and interests of the two parties are important even if the particular need or interest is not relevant to the legal case. Collaborative Divorce gives the couple control of their situation with the Collaborative Professionals helping to guide them and facilitate the process. A typical court-room divorce is emotionally draining and can easily bring out the worst in both sides. When you focus on needs and interests, you start negotiating in a way that maintains a good working relationship between the partners and protects any children that are involved.

Collaborative Divorce Keeps the Details of the Divorce Private

Everything happens out of court in a Collaborative Divorce.  This means you won’t have extra ears listening in on the details of your situation or when your partner or another person makes embarrassing or harmful allegations against you in a public court case. Whether it is accusing you of abusing your child or stealing money or stating your income or something they think you did wrong, it’s all there in the open for the rest of the courtroom to hear.  Also, during COVID-19, we are in a new era where the court is held virtually on Zoom for the foreseeable future.  It is very common for there to be many participants on the call hearing all of the details of your marriage.  Even in a large city like Chicago, you will occasionally see people in court you know from employment, your neighborhood, school, or circle of friends.  In a Collaborative case, the only people who participate in the meeting are the parties, their attorneys, and any other professional hired by the parties.

Mediation + Collaborative Divorce = A Dignified Way to Put Your Relationship to Rest

Professionals who focus on Mediation or Collaborative divorce are lawyers who are passionate about helping others and stay up-to-date on the latest dispute resolution practices to serve their clients. These skills are not easy to learn, so when you find an attorney who does Mediation and Collaborative Divorce, you know they have invested more in their education than the average divorce attorney. If you and your partner are looking for a Collaborative Divorce, then look for a family lawyer who is collaboratively trained with information on their website and is a member of Collaborative Divorce Illinois.  Their membership is an indication of their commitment to the Collaborative Divorce process.

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