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Major changes may be coming to Illinois Family Law

A committee was established pursuant to a House resolution back by Speaker Michael Madigan rewrite the entire divorce act taking into account all the changes that have happened since it was enacted in 1977. Here are a few of the hundreds of proposed amendments to the marriage and divorce statutes: 1) No more grounds for […]

College Expenses for Children of Divorce and Separated Parents

Children of Divorce Illinois

Child support does not always end when a child reaches 18 years of age or graduates from high school. Most Illinois family courts will order one or both parents to contribute to children’s college expenses based on their ability to pay and some other factors. Lawyers and courts refer to these proceedings as “Section 513 […]

You can now search for unclaimed child support in Cook County

Child Support Divorce

The Cook County Clerk’s office is holding 6 million dollars in unclaimed child support.  It appears fairly easy to find out of you have any unclaimed child support.  Can’t hurt to just put your name in if you ever received child support. Unclaimed Child Support Check Search: click here

Money withdrawn from savings accounts can constitute “net income” for determining child support

Money withdrawn from Divorce

Child support is not just about what your “earn” it is also about your “lifestyle.” What you earn and report as income to the IRS is still very relevant to calculating child support. If you have no income, the court may not order any child support or could order a nominal amount such as $20 […]

My spouse filed a motion in court. So what?

divorce law Illinois

This is my first blog post in what I hope to be many more dedicated to marriage and divorce law.  As a full-time divorce attorney who does litigation, I receive many petitions and motions (also referred to as pleadings) in the mail and via fax from opposing parties and counsel.  The most common pleadings I […]