Key Questions To Ask Your Prospective Divorce Attorney

Questions to ask lawyer

Selecting a divorce attorney is not always easy. You are likely upset and emotionally reeling from the fact that you have decided to get a divorce, but you need to set aside your emotions and choose to work with an attorney you trust and believe is looking out for your best interest.

To make that decision, there are some important questions you need to ask an attorney before you decide to retain that professional to represent you during the divorce process.

Questions to Ask During Initial Interview

Common questions almost every person asks first are, “How much will it cost?” and “How long will it take?” While those are important questions to get answers to, there are other important questions you need to think about. Some examples are:

Questions to ask lawyer

  • What are the different ways to get divorced? There are three common divorce processes. 1) Traditional litigation; 2) Mediation; and 3) Collaboration. In mediation and collaboration, you and your spouse will work together with your attorneys to resolve your issues.
    In a Collaborative Divorce, neutral professionals are called in, for example, a child specialist and financial expert who can work with you and your spouse and help you create your settlement agreement.
    When it is impossible to work together, you likely need to choose traditional litigation which is when the court steps in to resolve your issues.
  • What is your style of working? This is important in determining whether you can work well with the attorney. Does the attorney prefer being somewhat combative and going through traditional litigation or is the style more a style that works to negotiate settlements? You want an attorney whose style matches your own. This generally means one who genuinely wants the best result for you. You don’t want to sacrifice a good result by making decisions too quickly. An attorney that wants to explore settlement options and focuses on that from day one is one who has your best interest in mind.
  • What is the best way to contact you? It can be frustrating to call your attorney and be unable to connect. Ask if you can contact your attorney by email or text and what to expect the response time to be.
    This also involves what the levels of communication are within the office. Will your case be passed off to an associate or paralegal? Is there an online portal for the attorney that provides you access to the documents in your file?

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