How to Know When It Is Time for a Divorce

time for a divorce

Marriage is complicated. Some spouses have thought about divorce for years before they take the step and file a petition for divorce.

As for a list of reasons why a person should get a divorce, there is no one-size-fits-all criteria. Each case is unique, and the best advice is for the couple to see a therapist who can help them decide if a divorce is in their best interest.

Consulting with an Attorney May Help

Consulting with an attorney is always a good idea. It does not necessarily mean that you will head to divorce court, but an attorney can lay out your options.  Although the attorney is likely to recommend you see a therapist, the attorney will also tell you about different options for handling the divorce. This will include how traditional litigation compares to mediation or a collaborative divorce.

3 Definite Signs It is Time to Get a Divorce

Although there are no specific criteria for making the divorce decision. Some reasons that a divorce should be imminent include:

  1. Domestic violence. This is true especially if one spouse has been arrested and charged with that crime. This is one issue that almost always should lead the abused to file for a divorce from the abuser. Studies show that it takes the abused suffering multiple instances of abuse before coming to the decision that it is time for a divorce. However, your safety and if you have children their safety must be a priority. Help is available by calling 800-799-7233.
  2. Abduction of a child. If one spouse has taken off with the child or children, it is generally time to file for a divorce.
  3. There is no access to money. When one spouse has moved all the money to another account or been able to prevent the other spouse from accessing money, filing for a divorce may be the only remedy to regain access to funds.

There are pros and cons to getting a divorce. If you are considering divorce, and are unsure if you want to proceed, or if you have questions what divorce process to pursue, contact The Law Offices of Patrick Markey, P.C. for a consultation. We are compassionate and committed to providing you with the personalized attention you deserve.