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Illinois Divorce in the time of COVID-19

Many people are wondering if the governor’s shelter at home order affects parenting time or visitation schedules.  It does not.  You should still continue with your parenting time/visitation schedules.  Some parents have provisions in the parenting agreements that state one parent has all “school holidays.”  School might be out or still in session remotely (it’s […]

Divorce Can Be a Trying Experience, Let Us Help

Illinois Divorce

At the Law Offices of Patrick Markey, P.C., we strive to help our clients successfully navigate all facets of the legal separation and divorce process in Illinois, including property division and maintenance payments. Divorce can be a trying experience, let us help. Watch this video about guiding you through the process of divorce. Divorce Law […]

No common law divorce in Illinois. Don’t wait years to get divorced

No common law divorce in Illinois

I hear a lot of people use the term “legally separated” incorrectly. When it is said, they are usually trying to state that they are living separate and apart from their spouse and don’t consider themselves with that person anymore. They usually are living separate lives both emotionally and financially. Some of them never get […]

Financial Mistakes during Divorce

Financial Mistakes in Divoce

Divorce can be very financially bad for a family.  Two separate households increases the family’s bills substantially.  Double the utilities and housing payment.   That alone can break a family. Unfortunately, many families that are getting divorced had financial problems during their marriage which help lead to the divorce.  One or both spouses spent irresponsibility or […]

Reducing the cost of divorce

cost of divorce

Divorce is almost always a painful experience. But you can limit the pain to your finances if you use your lawyer more effectively. All cases are different and some of the suggestions in this guide may not be appropriate for your case. But for most, these suggestions will steer you away from the pitfalls that […]

Should we make it harder to marry?

getting divorced Illinois

Everyone knows it can be very difficult and expensive to get divorced even if you have been married a short time.  Would some of these individuals not be getting divorced (or not have married) if they would have received pre-marital legal counseling or premarital legal counseling?  Premarital counseling would discuss sharing finances, financial goals, dispute […]

New Rules for Attorney Fees in Domestic Relations Cases

attorney fees Illinois

Leveling the Playing Field This law was enacted in 1997 to allow both parties in a divorce, custody or other domestic relations case seek interim attorneys fees from the other party.   The party would need to show that they do not have the ability to pay their own fees, or that the other party has […]

Save Money when you Separate-Legal Separation and Health Care

Legal Separation Illinois

The term “legal separation” is almost always misused by the general public and even lawyers who do not practice in the area of family law.   The term itself is very confusing, so I can understand why. Many people say they are “legally separated” from their spouse when what they really mean is that they broke […]

Property Division not Always 50/50

Property Division Illinois

Most people associate divorce with dividing property equally (50/50).  It is true that many cases do end up to a be a 50/50 division.  I believe that is the case because it is just the easist way to do it.   Here is an example:  A couple is married for 50 years.  One spouse (Spouse A) […]