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After the Divorce: Tidying Your Post-Settlement To-Do List

Man working on laptop - Markey Law - After the Divorce: Tidying Your Post-Settlement To-Do List

A lot of people think that when the final documents of the divorce settlement are signed, everything is over and complete. Not quite—there’s a good deal of financial, personal, and legal housekeeping that still needs to be done. Start with Your Divorce Settlement or Agreement It’s critical to read your divorce settlement closely and carefully, […]

Don’t Make These 7 Mistakes During Your Divorce

Couple fighting in divorce, mistakes

Going through a divorce is tough. During the initial process, as well as throughout the divorce process. Avoiding key mistakes can make your divorce go much smoother and make the transition to your post-divorce easier. Here are 7 mistakes to avoid during your divorce: 1. Not Listening to Advice of Trusted People If you hire […]

What You Should Know About Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreement, dollar bills

Prenuptial agreements, or “prenups,” often get a bad rap—many tend to assume that they are primarily used by wealthy people as a way to leave their less-wealthy partner with few assets after a divorce. However, the truth is far more nuanced. Prenuptial agreements can protect both parties in a marriage, and for many, are a valuable addition […]

Tips for Surviving Divorce During The Holidays and COVID-19

Man contemplating divorce during holidays

Going through the holidays after separating from your spouse often raises stress levels. With COVID-19, separated parents may worry about the safety of their children while under the other parent’s care. Communication and flexibility can make the holidays easier for you and happier for your child. Here are some tips that might make things easier. […]

How to Communicate with a Spouse During a Divorce

couple facing difficulty communicating

Communicating with your spouse during the divorce process is often difficult. Communication while you were married was likely a big problem, and now you have to make decisions and communicate with each other especially if you have children. We have some suggestions that may make it easier. Treat Communication Like a Business Transaction If you […]

Does an Affair or Adultery Impact a Divorce?

Couple discussing marital affair

You might be concerned that an affair or adultery will impact your divorce. Marital misconduct is not taken into consideration when dividing up property in Illinois or deciding a child custody arrangement, at least not formally. For the person who has been scorned, the desire for revenge can make the divorce and negotiations more difficult. […]

Fear and Divorce – What You Should Know

In my experience, there are several common fears that most divorce clients have as they enter a process that will dramatically change their lives.  Those fears start with: What are their post-divorce finances going to look like? Are they going to be able to afford the same lifestyle they had before? Are they going to […]