How to Divorce With Respect

Divorce with Respect Week

First Understand your Divorce Options?

  1. Traditional Litigation. Most people have never even heard the term “Collaborative Divorce.” Instead, when they think of divorce, they think of the traditional litigation process which pits the spouses against each other, with each spouse striving to be the “winner” of the court battle. The couple rarely meets to try and amicably settle their issues. In a litigated divorce, the couple depends on the court to settle all their important issues, including division of assets, child custody and visitation, child support and spousal support. This process differs greatly from the Collaborative Divorce process.

  2. Collaborative Divorce. In a Collaborative Divorce, each spouse has their own attorney, but they both agree to settle the issue outside of court. The couple agrees to resolve their issues together and draft their own parenting plan and final settlement agreement.

    They meet with neutral professionals who provide them with information and guidance as they work toward a settlement. These may be financial specialists, mental health counselors, child psychologists, divorce coaches or other professionals who can help them with their final settlement and separation.

    Collaborative Divorce is considered a more peaceful and private process in that there are no court hearings, and no documents are filed in court except for the final settlement agreement which the couple has already agreed to themselves.

It is far easier to divorce respectfully in the Collaborative Divorce process. Having divorce coaches and financial neutrals as part of the process allows the couple to stay on track to reach their goals instead of getting caught up in fighting over secondary issues.

What is Divorce With Respect Week?

Illinois is participating in Divorce With Respect Week March 6-10. This is an opportunity for Illinois residents considering divorce to schedule a free 30-minute virtual consultation with an attorney, divorce coach, financial specialist or mental health professional and learn about their divorce options and the Collaborative Divorce process.

You can find Illinois professionals who are participating in Divorce With Respect Week and sign up for a consultation by visiting

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