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Divorce: Should You Wait Until The Kids Are Grown?

Telling Kids about divorce

There are differing views on whether a couple who want to get a divorce should wait until their children are grown and have moved out of the house before they actually file for divorce and moving apart. There are pros and cons to both opinions. Pros of Waiting Until the Kids are Grown to Divorce […]

How does the Collaborative process compare court in terms of completion time?

Many people want to know which divorce process is the quickest.  No process is inherently quicker than the other.  An adage frequently stated by many family law attorneys is that a case moves “as fast as the slowest person.”  This slowest person could be one of the professionals involved or one of the parties to […]

New Maintenance Law in Illinois

Beginning January 1, 2019, Illinois has a new formula for calculating maintenance. If you get divorced in 2019 and beyond, this new formula applies to your case.  Maintenance (also known as alimony or spousal support) used to be taxable to the payee and tax deductible by the payor.  If you are divorced and currently paying […]